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Doug & Paula Schwarten - 74th & South St Area, Lincoln, Nebraska

"We fell in love with a home with lots of character. Among the many interesting features, one was the front brick courtyard with a large pine tree. It was the perfect place for a bistro table and sitting area.

Shortly after we moved in, the pine tree died and we had to remove it. The large tree did a lot of damage, pushing out our brick wall from the house and causing large cracks in the wall structure. The tree also left a large stump that we unsuccessfully tried to grind out.

Our front courtyard became an eye sore .. until ... we met Chris Krivda who said he would gladly take a look at it and promptly provided us with a plan to fix our brick wall. His son, Ben, oversaw the project and we were delighted by their profesionalism and quality of work. They matched our existing brick and our courtyard wall looked wonderful.

Now for the ugly tree stump - but Chris drew up a plan to build a fireplace over the ugly stump and we now have a courtyard that provides us with the ambience we desired. We use the fireplace a lot and enjoy our courtyard outside and from the view it provides from within the home.

We highly recommend Chris and his son, Ben. They are great, hard working individuals that clearly take pride in the quality of their work and respect their clients."
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